In the wake of a disaster, navigating insurance can be an overwhelming process. Why not leave it to someone who knows best? Let us take on that burden and assist you as we have so many before — with years of experience in this tricky terrain!


What is a Public Adjuster?
A Public Adjuster (PA or PIA), often referred to as a Private Adjuster, is an insurance adjuster who does not work for the insurance company. Instead, they work for the insured to prepare, present, and settle the claim. The insured hires them by signing a contract agreeing to pay them a fee or commission based on a percentage of the settlement. The insured is not required to hire a public adjuster to help the insured meet his or her obligations under the policy, but has the right to do so. Private Adjuster is not an insurance industry term.
What is a Independent Adjuster?
Independent Insurance Adjusters (IA) are hired on a contract (1099) basis by an insurance company to represent the insurance company’s interest in settlement of the claim. Your insurance company pays them. Therefore, they will not charge you a fee.
What is a Desk Adjuster?
Desk Adjusters can be Independent Adjusters or Staff Adjusters. Instead of completing a field inspection at your property, they work in an office or remotely. Desk Adjusters often have an authority level to provide coverage. Desk Adjusters have access to your insurance policy and related claim documents to determine coverage.
What is a Staff Adjuster?
Company or Staff Insurance Adjusters who are W2 employees of the insurance company. They represent the insurance company’s interest and are paid by the insurance company. They will not charge you a fee. Staff Adjusters often have an authority level to provide coverage on your claim to a limited dollar amount. Any claim over their authority level must go to their supervisor for approval. Staff Adjusters often have access to your insurance policy and related claim documents to determine coverage.
How much will charge to assist in my claim?
We work on contingency biases, which means we charge a percentage fee based on the claim settlement amount. So the more you get, the more we get.
What is your service area?
We are licensed in Missouri and only represent claims in Missouri at this time. A majority of the claims we represent are located in the Greater St. Louis and Central Missouri but can and do service the entire state.
Does every claim need a Public Adjuster?
No, not every claim requires a Public Insurance Adjuster. If you are familiar with the claim process, construction repair methods, and how to comply with your policy, and the insurance company has appropriately applied coverage and paid the claim to restore the damaged property to a pre-loss condition, a Public Adjuster is not required. However, we often find insurance companies will not apply the policy coverage correctly, underpay a claim and/or our client did not have the expertise or time to comply with the policy.
Can my contractor handle my claim?
The short answer is no – Missouri does not permit those completing the work to act as a Public Adjuster. However, your contractor can provide a bid or “estimate” for the damage. We work with several reputable contractors in the area. Our advice to them is not to discuss policy/coverage with the insurance company.
What type of losses/claims to you handle?
We handle all property losses; below are some examples:

  • Fire and Smoke
  • Wind
  • Sewer Backup
  • Mold
  • Crop Damage
  • Tornado
  • Plumbing Leak
  • Lightning
  • Vandalism
  • Hail
  • Theft
  • Vehicle vs Building
  • Biohazard
  • Earthquake
  • Explosion
Who do you represent?
In short, we represent insureds/property owners. If you or your business is the Named Insured on the policy, we can help. Below is a list of clients we can and have helped in the past.

  • Commercial Business Owners
  • Industrial Business Owners
  • Lenders/Mortgage Companies
  • Warehouse and Export Facilities
  • Homeowners
  • Private Clients
  • Farmers/Ranchers
  • Builders (Builders’ Risk)
  • Landlords
  • Renters

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